Ohrid Watersports Club

Ohryda, Macedonia, 2015r. | Powierzchnia: 4 380m2

A place, where people can see both: the ancient city and beautiful landscape. A place, where they can enjoy the lake and observe the swimming marathon. Despite the historical and cultural importance of Ohrid, there is need for additional activities in the region. Our goal is to create a building, that will, not only enrich the possibilities available, but also create new ones for both locals and tourists.

The Watersports Club becomes an extension of the modest beach and a grandstand for swimming marathon finish line. Top of the building, reachable through gently ascending recreational terraces, might serve as a panoramic viewpoint and a venue for winning ceremony. Public platforms emerge from the ground and are pitched towards the ancient city to ensure best views. Covered with natural vegetation, the building tries to fit in the unique landscape and doesn’t disturb the natural beauty of Lake Ohrid.

O projekcie

  • Wyróżnienie w międzynarodowym konkursie studenckim


  • Urszula Chomiak, Paweł Potemkowski, Paulina Frączak